Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Lots of Tidbits

There's a lot going on in the blogosphere today, and so much is being said (and said well) that I find myself at a loss to write about it. So I'll merely serve as a signpost.

First, in the War on Terror, a trio of items:

Also making the rounds today is a great election retrospective by Dave Kopel titled: "How Hillary Clinton Won the Presidential Elections of 2008 and 2012."

Samizdata (recently added to my BlogRoll) is its usual (read: great) British-libertarian self.

Brian T. has finally come out of the gay-conservative closet to his long-time liberal correspondent. Dean Esmay does the same...only without the 'gay' part.

Debbye is very unhappy with CNN.
I just can't take any more of CNN. Is it just me, or is it as plain as daylight that for the Iraqi army to work with us to take Fallujah is in many significant ways more important for them than for us? CNN's main talking point continues to be that having the Iraqi army fight is part of our exit strategy, which overlooks the rather obvious fact that the Iraqi army is taking responsibility for the future stability of Iraq on behalf of and for the Iraqi people and, if you will, this is a major part of their entrance strategy as a sovereign nation. [Emphasis in original]
And Ace Of Spades tracks down the Republican National Committee's response to the suggestion of liberal bloggers that Howard Dean be named chairman of the DNC.

A very lively day, so far.
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