Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Patriotism And Star Trek

It's quite the thrill when you stumble onto a great blog and notice that they have you linked in their blogroll. This time it's the estimable VariFrank, who has quite the entry up today on the Democrats' after-election behavior.

I see the left today in a serious problem thats very similar to my Star Trek friends. It's fine to want to see the world in a different way, but there comes a point where you are not just wistful for another reality but actually wearing your Star Trek uniform out in public and to work, you've started down the road where even if you might have a good point or an idea, people are going to ignore you. We've seen political movements in America go the way of the Dodo before, The Free Land and Free Silver movements, the Mugwumps, and the Whig party. Go back not so long ago and you can even see when the Republicans became an utter irrelevancy. I am now beginning to think the Democrats have also jumped into the ashcan of history, with both feet.
Frank finishes with a wakeup call:
Take off your "Federation Uniforms" Democrats and drop the Vulcan salutes. I don't want you to leave the country, I need you to stay and help keep my party honest. But before you can do that you need to be honest with yourselves about why you lost this election and why you have been steadily losing for 30 years.

It's not Karl Rove, its not "Selected, not Elected" Its not Halliburton, its not Big Tobacco or Big Oil.

It's you.
Léalo todo.
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