Sunday, November 28, 2004
Week In Review

Okay, so I was mistaken about this week allowing for a few more posts to the blog. Turns out it was just as busy, but for thoroughly different reasons.

On Wednesday, my best friend Aaron came up from Texas (by way of Cornell University) to spend American Thanksgiving with us, and he stayed through the weekend. A great time was had by all, and Aaron was introduced to a number of new things, including (but not limited to) Firefly and Wolf's Rain.

At the same time, I was engaged in multitude of other concerns, including trips to Toronto and the juggling of family and work schedules. All of this added up to a post-free week, and for that I apologize to my regular readers. I've got a couple long-post ideas turning over in my brain, including that promised examination of the strains of Libertarianism, and a new post on the curiosities of novel writers.

Speaking of writing, NaNoWriMo is nearly over; but alas, I don't think I shall be able to complete the 50,000 words required to 'win.' With two days to go, I'm around 12,000 words short - the novel went on hiatus this past week, and hasn't recovered yet. But it's been a good experience, and I know now that I have the ability to sit down for lengths of time every day and hammer out a requisite quota; an encouraging thing to say the least.

More news on the writing front: the Spectator article is now officially "in limbo." I've received conflicting messages from the Executive Editor and the Journals Editor (though why the article was delivered to the Journals section seems a bit murky), but I will likely wind up talking to the editor of the paper's weekly Focus section, which seems more appropriate to the tone and length of my piece. You'll know more as I do.

That's it for this week. Hopefully (and probably) this coming week will be more conducive to posting.

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