Wednesday, March 09, 2005
The Third Annual Int. Eat an Animal for PETA Day coming on March 15th. Meryl Yourish has all the details.

Unintended consequences, and all that...

Sweet fancy moses.

OK: Regardless of how dumb PETA has been in the past with their ad campaigns, how will acting like a knee-jerk idiot in regard to the issue change anything?

The "Holocaust on your plate" was one of the craziest and offesive campaigns ever, but guess what? 2 YEARS LATER YOU'RE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT. AFTER THE CAMPAIGN IS LOOOOOOONG OVER.

That's brilliant marketing people.

Doing something this MEANINGLESS (especially if you already do it on a daily basis) WON'T SOLVE ANYTHING. You'd still have to find a PETA member to do in in front of ot have an intended effect.

PS: Are you going to tell me that PETA is wrong anyway in their struggle to ban or minimize the impact of factory farming (WHICH IS VERY BAD-YES IT IS) or something like calling attention to and trying to reduce animal cruelty is a bad thing anyways?


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