Tuesday, May 17, 2005
The Final Straw

That's it. I'm done with Canadian politics. [Not that you'd written anything about it for, like, ever. - ed. Hush, you!]

Two headlines from NealeNews:

"Nfld Tory MPs Fear Backlash: May vote with Liberals..."
"Belinda Stronach Defects To Liberals: Sells Out For A Cabinet Post"

Two thoughts:
1) Canadians are so easy to bribe. No wonder the Mafia is doing so well here. You don't even have to offer them ANYTHING - just take their money away, and promise to (maybe) give it back, if the budget passes...maybe. In fifteen years. That's what you call "pathetic." I'm tempted to pull out a variety of historical references, but it would just debase them. Canada is too pathetic to merit historical comparison.

2) Stronach is beneath contempt. "Oh, sure, I'll enable the continuation of the most corrupt Canadian regime in history - one that steals [Literally steals - ed. What did I say?] money from its own citizens. Just gimme a piece of that action."

Enough. You truly want to live in a Banana Dominion? Go right ahead and move to Canada. Me, I'm swearing off caring about Canadian politics. It's way too easy to predict. [Plus, you get to spare yourself disappointment at the inevitable re-election of The Criminal Party. - ed. Last warning!]

Celebrate my descent into cynicism! Now, no matter what happens, I get to laugh at everybody. How freeing is that?

More reactions: from Ben and Brock (especially Mike's final paragraph in this follow-up comment.)


I know. Canadians ARE too easy to bribe with out politicans making, oh, I don't know, POLITICAL decisions based on their own intrests. I would never expect that from a POLITICAN.

Unlike the United States, it's too bad we don't have what i call "stupid issues" dominating the agenda and distract the population.

You know, trivial stuff: teaching evolution in schools, gay marriage, "secular humanists",Terri Schaivo, the confederate flag and *DUN DUN DUNNN* ABORTION driving political discussion.

No American politican would ever use *those* issues for politican gain...would they?
Are... you... back?
Today hurt, it really did. Because I thought we were on our way to getting a decent person as our PM, Stephen Harper. Someone who could clean up Ottawa.

But Martin pulled it off again. :-)
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