Thursday, May 19, 2005
Tie Goes... the Government. I thought as much, though I must confess I figured that the two independents (Cadman and Kilgour) would vote the opposite of the way they each did (Cadman wound up pro-Liberal, Kilgour anti-).

I wonder how many more scandals we'll see unveiled in the coming months? And I wonder if Mr. Harper will ever toughen up? Heck, I want to see how convoluted Mr. Martin's spine becomes! Should be a lively few months.

Quite the quandry, the current political climate. I cannot believe that, in general, the Canadian public can tolerate how corrupt this government is.

The potenital alternative bothers me also. That is, a snap election resulting in a Conservative minority that needs to kiss the butts of the separatists to maintain power.

The only thing more assanine than these two scenarios would be the Bloc (once again) becoming "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition".
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